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 Currrently under wraps, in a veil of deepest secrecy, is our new design for womens' T's.

Loosely based on Boticelli's 'Birth of Venus', this beauty will win the hearts (and pride of place in the T shirt drawer) of the nations' surfer girls.

As we speak. the ink is being mixed, the cloth woven by Eastern hand maidens, and the screens screened...or whatever they do.

Look out for 'Rebirth of Venus', adorning your favourite chest....coming soon.

Boot Camp Blues

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 So you made it through January without drinking....yeah, sure. No, we believe you, honest!

OK, so the initial impetus for fitness post New Year might have waned a bit, but take heart. Don't revert to the pie n pint diet or Daquiris and family bar of Galaxy just yet. Spring is round the corner (ish), the mornings are sort of getting lighter, and it's definitely not dark 'til 5.

What you need is a target. Something to focus on to make sure you keep on that good eating, loads of exercise and not quite so much drink tip. Something to whip your training plan into shape for the months ahead and give you that resolve to get up that bit earlier when it's cold and miz outside.

Signing up for an event (and paying for it) is a great way to start. Whatever your bag, on or off the water (or both), there's loads of stuff out there in all disciplines, for all abilities. So whether you surf, windsurf, kitesurf, MTB, road ride or run, get participating, enjoy it BUM!


Eat your heart out Audi A1

Posted on December 02, 2010. Continue Reading

 Sitting in a snowdrift, the throaty Nordic purr of the Duett and the fumes from the engine, combined with the mind numbing cold, one soon loses all sense of time and reality and the mind wanders. After what seemed like hours (because it was), staring at the same roadside billboard, fortified by the occasional slug from the hipflask (only joking....), Doc amused himself by scribbling on the back of an old pizza box he found in the rear of the Duetts' ash lined interior.

When we found his half frozen body (the pickling in alchohol saved him) some hours later, our gaze was directed to his latest meisterwerk by a blue and frosty digit, frozen in mid air like some ancient weather vane.

We've propped him up in his usual corner by the bar, and hopefully the familiar surroundings and the clatter of the fruit machine will bring him round. Buy him him a pint if you come across him.

Meanwhile...don't be boring, get a Duett.

Radcliffe raves over Duett

Posted on November 05, 2010. Continue Reading

 "The Volvo Duett is to die for! Fantastic vehicle!!!" Raved Mark Radcliffe on Monday nights Radio2 Radcliffe and Maconie show.

Steady on Mark, your'e right of course, but we're planning on sticking around to enjoy eating up the blacktop for some time yet!

We got through with a link on their 'The Chain' spot (1hr 32min into the programme in case you're interested), and it wasn't long before the Duett got a shout out and they had it up on Google images. Got slightly distracted talking about a caravan...and for the money...didn't get enough plugs in for Swell Fever, but what the heck...7mins on national radio, can't complain.

The Duett now sporting some tasty Swell Fever logos, and we've managed to stop the back doors flying open at inappropriate moments, so it's all good. Just waiting for some more bits and pieces from our friends in Sweden and we'll get some pix up on the site.

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Adios Amigos

French Sun, French Cool.

Posted on September 05, 2010. Continue Reading

Ahh, thank you for that little holiday.

Whilst England languished under leaden skies and rain,

we nicked off to Cote Sauvage in that there France to score some sunshine and waves. Painful tho it is to admit it....they're a stylish bunch...mind you, if we had three months of guaranteed sunshine every summer I guess we'd look the part too.

Refreshing also, after being relentlessly beasted in the media to NOT chase the sun, to see them out there bronzing their (not a clinically obese bod in sight...except the Brits) butts and smoking like there's no tomorrow!

Un autre bier grande s'il vous plait!

Relentless Boardmasters...The Aftermath!

Posted on August 09, 2010. Continue Reading

Remember that scene in Pulp Fiction when Travolta is frantically trying to get the ODing Uma Thurman back to his dealers house and launches his motor right up onto the front lawn?

 Well Doc arrived back at the Old Isolation Hospital sometime in the early hours, and the Duett's still ramped up on the rubbish bins, quietly ticking as the engine cools. We thought we'd been burgled when we got in this morning, but now realise it was just Doc looking for something to eat and drink..he's now sleeping it off on a pile of wetsuits and T shirts. Knowing that he had some hot news for us, we drew straws and then told the office junior (sorry all you guys who've just left Uni, but this is what you can look forward to....) to go through his pockets to get the info he's been telling us about.

Right now she's crying in the toilet (no...only joking), she's assembling the grubby scraps of paper, Byron burger napkins, Rizla packets and articles of dubious origin all with that legendary scrawl, and compiling the list...The List of Top Ten Secret Spots in the UK.

Lack of sleep, copious amounts of alchohol and Docs animal magnetism, has loosened tongues in the bars, cars and campfires of Newquay. She should be finished by tomorrow. We'll publish and be damned!

Unless of course, you pay us to keep schtum! A grand should do it...Paypal in the usual way.......

Poetry Corner

Posted on August 05, 2010. Continue Reading

 The Doc can sometimes be seen wandering round with a battered book of poetry under his arm (not the one with the drink). We used to think it concealed something illegal in it's hollowed out interior, but in fact it contains....poems! We sneaked a look the other day when he was storing up some sleep before Boardmasters, and, cop aload of this...

"I must down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide

Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied;

And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying,

And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea-gulls crying"

Whoa! Now we understand why he sometimes sits up on the clifftop with that faraway look in his eyes (cos he's looking faraway out to sea) searching for the next big swell on the horizon. When we want a big swell, we just need to look at (...that's enough. Doc)

Coastal Cure

Posted on July 31, 2010. Continue Reading

 Hot's good to be back. After a coupla crazy days up in that there LDN (don't ask), the Doc was finally able to turn the steaming bonnet of his throbbing Duett into the sunset and head home. Shunting aside the queues of holidaymakers in their computerized Euro boxes he cleaved a path through the Friday night chaos to return to the The Old isolation Hospital and the sound of the surf.

Isn't that just the greatest feeling, to come out of your post Friday night coma, and smell the sea and hear the waves. Whatever baggage you were carrying before, just melts away. You got yourself a Coastal Cure.

 Now where's that coffee pot, I need to wake up and get on the water.

Schools Out

Posted on July 24, 2010. Continue Reading

Ahhh...schools out and we can finally wave goodbye to the Chelsea Tractors clogging up the streets of our villages, towns and cities cos we know they're all heading down to Rock in Cornwall! Sorry guys down there...but we have to put up with them for the rest of the year! Anyway...a chance to make hay while the sun shines. Think of all those 20 gallon drums of White Lightning you could be selling to the plummy underage herberts. Meanwhile the Doc is thinking of doing swaps to get hold of a donkey cart to get himself around in his injured state. Any young farm lasses with such an item willing to swap for a free 'medical'. get in touch!

Jo Whiley wants to holiday with Doc!

Posted on July 21, 2010. Continue Reading

 Hot Damn! The airwaves were crackling with electricity on Sunday afternoon as two legends, Jo Whiley and Doc sparked live on air!

Listen again to hear Doc beguile Jo with Road Trip tales of gunning the Duett down to Gwithian this w/e. Hear her squeal with delight as the silver tongued rogue paints the pefect picture of Cornish bliss.

Not one to miss out on a bit of self promo, hear how he lets slip Swell Fevers' secret to an audience of millions.

Click now to Jo Whileys' page on BBC Radio 1 iplayer, Ihr 39mins into the programme.

It's only there 'til Sunday.

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