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Eat your heart out Audi A1

Posted on December 02, 2010.

 Sitting in a snowdrift, the throaty Nordic purr of the Duett and the fumes from the engine, combined with the mind numbing cold, one soon loses all sense of time and reality and the mind wanders. After what seemed like hours (because it was), staring at the same roadside billboard, fortified by the occasional slug from the hipflask (only joking....), Doc amused himself by scribbling on the back of an old pizza box he found in the rear of the Duetts' ash lined interior.

When we found his half frozen body (the pickling in alchohol saved him) some hours later, our gaze was directed to his latest meisterwerk by a blue and frosty digit, frozen in mid air like some ancient weather vane.

We've propped him up in his usual corner by the bar, and hopefully the familiar surroundings and the clatter of the fruit machine will bring him round. Buy him him a pint if you come across him.

Meanwhile...don't be boring, get a Duett.

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